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Why does my hockey stick rattle?

Why does my hockey stick rattle?

If you notice a rattling inside your stick it means that a tiny piece of plastic has been knocked loose by an impact. Or use a method similar to “FIX-A-FLAT”; where you poke a tiny hole and add a drop of any sticky substance that the floating piece of plastic will stick to.

Why do NHL players blowtorch their sticks?

Hockey players are known to heat their sticks to bend the blade. This enables them to customize the blade’s curve to their own personal liking.

What curve do NHL players use?

Mid-curves are the most common. They’re better for stick-handling than heel curves while retaining a decent sweet spot on both the forehand and backhand. Toe curves twist down as they bend, making them great for danglers who favor quick wrist shots.

What CCM curve is like P92?


P92 Matthews P29 Crosby V92
P88 Kane P40 MacKinnon V88
PM9 Stamkos / Larkin P14 Duchene V90
P28 Eichel P28 McDavid V28

What curve is P29?

Crosby Curve (P29) Sidney Crosby uses a CCM P29 curve. This Hockey Stick Blade is one of the most popular in the game today and features a deep mid-curve allowing for great stickhandling and puck control. However, it also utilizes a very open face that provide maximum lift on your shots.

What is P28 curve?

The benefit of the P28 is in the curve of the toe. If you get your hands out in front of your body, you can really slingshot pucks off the toe with a quick snap. By doing this you get the shot off with a shorter shooting motion, which gets the puck off the blade more quickly.

What curve does Getzlaf use?

Comparison of Standard Blade Patterns based on Curve Type (Heel VS Toe)

BAUER P91A Staal P02 Kronwall
CCM P6 / P15 P5
EASTON E6 Parise E5 Getzlaf

Who uses P90 curve?

Nugent-Hopkins), pattern number (P19), or brand (Reebok is done), then here is a guide for you!…New CCM Blade Patterns and Curve Numbers.

NEW CCM Patterns Retail – P29 (Crosby II)
Old Patterns RBK P87A (Crosby), H11A
SEARCH OUR CLASSIFICATION Left (Blade 1) Right (Blade 1)

What curve is best?

If you really like to stick handle a lot or you are a beginner you should try a mid curve or a mid-toe curve. (Like the P88) they give you the most comfort stick handling as well as shooting forehand and back hand. You will also have the most accuracy. If you like to snipe corners you want a mid-toe to toe curve.