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Which perspective in psychology would suggest that depression is related to changes in brain chemistry?

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Question Answer
Depression is an illness that may be related to chemical imbalances in the brain, illogical thinking, and impaired social skills. Such an integrated explanation best illustrates the Biopsychosocial approach

Which psychologists is most likely to study how humans process information?

Cognitive Psychology Concerned with mental processes, cognitive psychologists study the human thought process and how people obtain, process, and store information in the brain. These psychologists conduct experiments and research to study memory, perception, and learning.

Who is generally recognized as the founder of American psychology?

William James was the first American psychologist, and he was a proponent of functionalism.

Which of the following schools of thought in psychology was focused on breaking conscious experience into its component parts?


What is a psychological framework?

‘Frameworks used by clinical psychologists’ looks at the theoretical ideas and concepts that underpin the application of the competencies that clinical psychologists develop. Clinical psychologists are trained to apply a number of different psychological frameworks in their work.

What are the major steps of scientific psychological research?

While research studies can vary, these are the basic steps that psychologists and scientists use when investigating human behavior.

  • Make an Observation.
  • Ask a Question.
  • Test Your Hypothesis and Collect Data.
  • Examine the Results and Draw Conclusions.
  • Report the Results.

What is the purpose of psychological research?

The Purpose of Research Psychologists have three main goals when doing research: To find ways to measure and describe behavior. To understand why, when, and how events occur. To apply this knowledge to solving real-world problems.

What are the characteristics of a psychological research?

Good psychological research must possess a good theoretical framework, standardized procedures, generalization, and an objective measurement. A good theoretical framework illustrates a resercher’s ideas about interrelated concepts.