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What question does Socrates investigate in the dialogue crito?

What question does Socrates investigate in the dialogue crito?

Crito should not worry about how his, Socrates’, or others’ reputations may fare in the general esteem: they should only concern themselves with behaving well. The only question at hand is whether or not it would be just for Socrates to attempt an escape.

What were the premises main points that crito used to try and convince Socrates to escape?

It seems Crito, who is trying to persuade Socrates to escape, and Socrates are in a sense talking past one another. One of Crito’s strongest arguments in favor of escape comes at 45c, where Crito suggests that Socrates would be abetting the wrong-doing of his enemies in following through with their wishes.

Why did Socrates stay in Athens?

Socrates must stay and die to prove that he is innocent. In order to remain innocent he must die. He stays to die because he is innocent and wants to remain innocent and virtuous.

When crito tries to convince Socrates that he must not betray his own life how does Socrates respond?

CONCEPT The Atomistic Worldview Report an issue with this question 3 When Crito tries to convince Socrates that he must not betray his own life, how does Socrates respond?  He says that all life has value, but society determines the fate of man.

Why does Socrates think that he has agreed to obey the laws?

Abstract: Socrates´ thought of justice and obedience to laws is motivated by a will to avoid the destructive effects of Sophistic criticisms and theories of laws. He thus requires-against theories of natural law-an almost absolute obedience to the law, as far as this law respects the legal system of the city.

What is the will of all?

Will of all The sum total of each individual’s particular will. In a healthy state, the will of all is the same thing as the general will, since each citizen wills the common good.

What were Rousseau beliefs?

Rousseau believed modern man’s enslavement to his own needs was responsible for all sorts of societal ills, from exploitation and domination of others to poor self-esteem and depression. Rousseau believed that good government must have the freedom of all its citizens as its most fundamental objective.

What is Rousseau’s most famous work?

The Discourse on the Origin of Inequality remains one of Rousseau’s most famous works, and lays the foundation for much of his political thought as it is expressed in the Discourse on Political Economy and Social Contract.