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What is Ujjain zip code?

What is Ujjain zip code?

Ujjain/Zip codes

Which zone is Ujjain?

Ujjain district is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The historic city of Ujjain is the district headquarters. The district has an area of 6,091 km², and a population of 19,86,864 (2011 census), a 16.12% increase from its 2001 population of 17,10,982….

Ujjain district

What is the old name of Ujjain?

In ancient times the city was called Ujjayini. As per epic Mahabharata Ujjayani was the capital of Avanti Kingdom.

What is the best time to visit Ujjain?

Best Time to Visit Ujjain The best time to visit this holy city is from October to March when the famous Mahakaleshwar Temple, enshrining one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, can be visited. Bhartruhari Caves are best visited in the cool winter months of November and December.

Which is the area code for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh?

STD code / area code / phone dial calling code for UJJAIN is 734, which is in UJJAIN in the state of MADHYA PRADESH. If calls are made with in India:

Which is the STD code for Ujjain mobile?

If you are in India and not in Madhya Pradesh state you can call landlines by dialing 0734 before the landline number. 0734 is the STD code for Ujjain. How to call Ujjain mobile from abroad?

How to call Ujjain from any country in the world?

If you are in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi, or any other country in the world, you can call Ujjain landlines by simply dialing +91734 before the landline number. Plus (+) is the local international call prefix which is very important while making an international call.

Is there an airstrip in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh?

Ujjain does not have any airport but has an airstrip on Dewas road which is used for air transport purposes. In 2013, the Government of Madhya Pradesh started a Ujjain-Bhopal air services as a joint venture with Ventura AirConnect.