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What is the only known secular music by Praetorius?

What is the only known secular music by Praetorius?


What is a place of refuge called?

noun. a shelter from danger or hardship. synonyms: asylum, sanctuary. see more. types: harbor, harbour.

What are the nine Muses?

Some Greek writers give the names of the nine Muses as Kallichore, Helike, Eunike, Thelxinoë, Terpsichore, Euterpe, Eukelade, Dia, and Enope.

Who wrote Terpsichore?

composer Michael Praetorius

What school did Paul Taylor train at?

Entering Syracuse University in 1947 on a scholarship, Taylor took painting classes and joined the swim team. He began dance training in 1951 and subsequently studied modern dance at Juilliard with Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and José Limón and ballet with Antony Tudor and Margaret Craske.

Who is the god of messages?


Who broke Apollo’s heart?


Did the god Apollo have a wife?

Apollo never married, but there once came a time when he came very near to marrying. This story occurred in Aetolia, in West Greece, with the beautiful princess Marpissa. Marpissa’s father, King Evinos, was a son of Ares, the god of war, and therefore a very skilled fighter.

Who was Athena married to?


What was Apollo afraid of?

He’s described as “terrible, outrageous and lawless” and “one neither like the gods nor mortal men, fell, cruel Typhaon, […] a plague to men.” According to a well-established tradition, most gods were absolutely terrified just to see Typhon coming against them.

Who Killed Apollo god?

During the Trojan War, Apollo fought on the side of Troy. At one point, he sent diseased arrows into the Greek camp making many of the Greek soldiers sick and weak. Later, after the Greek hero Achilles defeated the Trojan Hector, Apollo guided the arrow that struck Achilles in the heel and killed him.

Is there romance in trials of Apollo?

Romance appears in several ways in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Trials of Apollo series.

Does Apollo ever become a god again?

Alongside his new master Meg McCaffrey, Apollo is sent on a quest to secure the Oracles and is expected to have to face his old nemesis Python to become a god again. After the defeat of Python, Apollo is restored to godhood.

Does Frank Zhang die in trials of Apollo?

Why Frank didn’t die in The Tyrant’s Tomb | Fandom. Frank Zhang, the son of Mars, had apparently died in The Tyrant’s Tomb, but only a few pages later, he had unexpectedly come back alive.