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What is the introduction of Beowulf?

What is the introduction of Beowulf?

Beowulf, a Geat, is the hero; extraordinary swimmer & warrior. He comes to defend the Danes & King Hrothgar against monsters. His father Ecgtheow owed the Danish king because he had raised blood money for him. Beowulf repays the debt by slaying Grendel & his mother.

How do you write an introduction to a narrative essay?

The introduction of a narrative essay is the paragraph that begins your story. In the introduction, you describe the setting, introduce the characters, and prepare your audience for the action to come. Of course, the introduction should have a hook and a thesis.

What is the main theme of Beowulf?

One of the central themes of Beowulf, embodied by its title character, is loyalty. At every step of his career, loyalty is Beowulf’s guiding virtue. Beowulf comes to the assistance of the Danes (Scyldings) for complicated reasons.

What is the purpose of Beowulf?

The primary purpose of Beowulf, as with all such epic poems, would have been to entertain. Yet there was also a didactic purpose involved, a desire to teach and to instruct.

Why is Beowulf important to English literature?

Beowulf is often referred to as the first important work of literature in English, even though it was written in Old English, an ancient form of the language that slowly evolved into the English now spoken. Still, a familiarity with the rudiments of Anglo-Saxon poetry enables a deeper understanding of the Beowulf text.

What qualities make Beowulf a hero?

In ‘Beowulf,’ the heroic characteristics possessed by Beowulf help him achieve great things. He demonstrates his courage, loyalty, wisdom, strength, and boasting in ways that set him apart from others.

Who are the characters of Beowulf?


  • Beowulf. The protagonist of the epic, Beowulf is a Geatish hero who fights the monster Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a fire-breathing dragon.
  • King Hrothgar. The king of the Danes.
  • Grendel.
  • Grendel’s mother.
  • The dragon.
  • Shield Sheafson.
  • Beow.
  • Halfdane.

Who does Beowulf marry?

Since he has no children, Wiglaf is named king. There are some indications that Beowulf married Queen Hygd after she becomes a widow, but it is not well fleshed out in the text.

What is Beowulf’s dying wish?

What are Beowulf’s final wishes? He wishes a barrow to be built in his name; to Wiglaf he give his golden collar and his armor and take of the people. Beowulf was fair-minded; selfless; kind; gracious; to be remembered; his people to be safe and taken care of after his death

What two things protect Beowulf?

What are the two things said to protect Beowulf’s life? – The woven mail shirt he wore on his chest (sword was not able to pierce through) and the Holy God aided his life.

Who taunts Beowulf’s battle skills?

Ecglaf. —Father of Unferth, who taunts Beowulf. —9 1

Why does Beowulf volunteer to help Hrothgar?

-Beowulf goes to help Hrothgar because Hrothgar helped Beowulf’s father when Beowulf was a baby. -After Beowulf was born his father got into a war with another tribe’s warrior. The other warrior was killed by Ecgtheow (Beowulf’s father).

How is Beowulf a hero essay?

Beowulf embodies the qualities of bravery, being powerful, and demonstrating his honor; therefore, he can be considered a true hero. A way Beowulf demonstrates his heroism is the way he stays true to the Geats by honoring them.

What is Beowulf’s philosophy of life?

Beowulf’s philosophy of life: “Fate often saves an undoomed man when his courage is good.” In other words, if fate has not decided your life is up, you should meet your enemy with courage and strength and you will win.

What is Grendel’s outlook on life?

This reveals that Grendel is disturbed, pessimistic, morbid, and perhaps evil. It also shows his absurdist, existential outlook on life. We are but food for worms; there is no greater meaning behind life or death. He also says that he used to take pride in striking fear into innocent woodland creatures.

Why is Beowulf important?

What exactly is Beowulf?

1. What exactly is Beowulf? Beowulf is the oldest surviving Anglos-Saxon epic poem. Anglo-Saxon word “Beo” means “bright” or “noble” and “wulf” means “wolf”, so Beowulf means brighe or noble wolf. Epic poetry is a long narrative poem written in an elevated style and It celebrates the deed of a legendary hero or god.

What are themes in Beowulf?

The theme of the heroic code of chivalry is the leading theme of Beowulf. The honorable behavior and manners have dominated the Anglo-Saxon culture. Courage, bravery and the will to fight were considered basic norms of that heroic code. Beowulf sticks to these norms from the very beginning as he comes across the Danes.

What are some symbols in Beowulf?

In Beowulf, some of the most important symbols are Hrothgar’s mead-hall, Grendel’s cave, Grendel’s arm and head, and the dragon’s treasure-trove. Hrothgar’s great mead-hall, Heorot (“Hall of the Hart”), functions as both setting and symbol in the epic. It is much more than a place to drink.

How is Beowulf loyal quote?

When all of the others flee, he alone stands with Beowulf as a sign of loyalty to his master. ‘Your deeds are famous, so stay resolute, my lord, defend your life now with the whole of your strength. I shall stand by you. ‘ He has been through thick and thin with Beowulf and he won’t let him fight this battle alone.

How is Beowulf humble?

Beowulf’s humility was shown when he fought Grendel’s mom. He showed that he was indifferent to his death but he wanted to make sure his people would be taken care of upon his passing. By saying this, Beowulf showed his bravery and confidence that he could face the vicious Grendel.

How is Beowulf confident?

Beowulf’s confidence is extremely evident as he prepares to fight Grendel. Beowulf also shows his confidence lessening by deciding to use armor and weapons in the battle. To prepare for the battle, he “[dons] his armor” (47) with “A gleaming helmet” (47) and “the sword the herald of Hrothgar loaned” (47).

Who Was Beowulf trying to talk to?


How is Beowulf prideful?

‘ Beowulf’s men are proud of all that he has accomplished in his life, and they show their pride by making sure that he is ready to face what waits on the other side. His pyre was ‘… hung with helmets, heavy war-shields and shining armour’ so he would be prepared as any warrior should be.

What is the main conflict in Beowulf?

In “Beowulf,” the central conflicts are external — man versus the supernatural — and are important to the epic’s structure. The poem is divided into three parts, each defined by its own central conflict: Beowulf’s battle with Grendel, his battle with Grendel’s mother and his battle with the dragon.

What qualities does Beowulf display in this second battle?

What qualities does Beowulf display? Beowulf’s personal characteristics include the heroic traits of loyalty, honor, bravery, faith, and superhuman strength. He demonstrates his sense of honor and his loyalty to Hrothgar by volunteering to kill Grendel and then Grendel’s mother.

Why does Grendel kill humans?

Grendel attacks because he is evil (spawn of Cain) and hates the happiness and noise of the men at the hall. He attacks killing 30 men, and then goes back the next night for more. The only way men can stay alive is to leave the hall.

Why do you think Beowulf keeps fighting?

Why do you think Beowulf keeps fighting the dragon though he knows fate is against him? Beowulf has courage and pride. He knows if he gives up he is losing much more than a win but he is losing his dignity. Wiglaf gets all the soldiers to help him fight the dragon at the end.

What obstacles must Beowulf overcome?

All three challenge is strength, his courage, and his loyalty throughout his life and the story. Grendel is the first opposing force that Beowulf faces within the story and challenges Beowulf’s courage tremendously.

What is the abyss in Beowulf?

The abyss is the hero’s greatest challenge, and it must be faced alone. The abyss is the hero’s greatest challenge, and it must be faced alone. For Beowulf, he faces his abyss when he swims down to Grendel’s cave.

In what ways are Beowulf and wiglaf similar?

Wiglaf is very much like the young Beowulf the reader meets in the early sections of the poem. He, too, is strong, loyal and courageous. When Beowulf goes to fight the dragon, he brings his best men with him.

Why is wiglaf important in Beowulf?

Wiglaf, one of Beowulf’s kinsmen and thanes, is the only warrior brave enough to help the hero in his fight against the dragon. Wiglaf conforms perfectly to the heroic code in that he is willing to die attempting to defeat the opponent and, more importantly, to save his lord.

Why does Beowulf help Hrothgar?