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What are some names of fish?

What are some names of fish?


Albacore Amberjack Bigeye Tuna
Blue Marlin Blueline Tilefish Dolphin
Flounder Gag Grouper Hickory Shad
Hogfish Jumping Mullet Little Tunny
Mako Shark Menhaden Pinfish

What kind of fish starts with S?

Other Common ‘S’-Fish Names

  • Saddle Cichlid – Aequidens tetramerus.
  • Saddleback Hill-Stream Loach – Gastromyzon punctulatus.
  • Saddled Bichir – Polypterus endlicheri.
  • Saddled Hillstream Loach – Homaloptera orthogoniata.
  • SAE – Crossocheilus siamensis.
  • Sailfin Brochis – Brochis splendens.
  • Sailfin Characin – Crenuchus spilurus.

What kind of fish starts with AP?

More Fish Names Beginning With the Letter P

  • Palembang Pufferfish – Tetraodon biocellatus.
  • Panda Corydoras – Corydoras panda.
  • Panda Dwarf Cichlid – Apistogramma nijsseni.
  • Papuan Rainbowfish – Melanotaenia papuae.
  • Paradise Fish – Macropodus opercularis.
  • Paradise Threadfin – Polynemus paradiseus.

What is the best name for a fish?

If you’re looking for a giggle, these fish names may be perfect for your pet.

  • Kraken.
  • Mahi Mahi.
  • Mr. Bubbles.
  • Mr. Nibbles.
  • Pacific.
  • Sushi.
  • Tetra.
  • Walleye.

What is the name of fish husband?

Unlike some animal species, there is not a gender-specific name for either a male or female fish. However, Milt or soft roe also refers to the male genitalia of fish when they contain sperm, used as food.

What is the plural of fish in German?

Translation of “fish” in German

1 translation entry available
English fish
German Fisch
Gender m
Plural Fische

How do you say fish in different languages?

In other languages fish

  • American English: fish /ˈfɪʃ/
  • Arabic: سَمَكَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: peixe.
  • Chinese: 鱼
  • Croatian: riba.
  • Czech: ryba.
  • Danish: fisk.
  • Dutch: vis.

What names means Tiger?

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Name Gender Meaning
Epken Boy Lion; Tiger; Leopard …
Henith Boy Tiger
Hinsaru Boy tiger (हिंसारु )
Hu Boy Tiger