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Pierre Bourdieu In Algeria: images of rootlessness

Source: CBA

Bourdieu, P., Bourdieu, P., Frisinghelli, C., Schultheis, F., & González-Rodríguez, P. (2011). Pierre Bourdieu In Algeria : images of rootlessness. Circle of Fine Arts. ISBN: 978-84-87619-96-0


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Pierre Bourdieu lived in Algeria between 1955 and 1961. This stay of six years was decisive for his work, for there refined walk of the field, its tools of analysis and laid many of the foundations of your thinking. In Algeria. Images of rootlessness illustrates and interprets this passion algerian Bourdieu with more than one hundred and fifty photographs of the many who took the young sociologist, moved by the desire to support annotations on-the-ground and taking the pulse of a region that was going through a stage of conflicts and transformations: the journey toward independence, emigration from the countryside to the city and the consequent uprooting of the old peasant class, the change of habits, the abandonment of ancestral traditions, the new leading role of women in the urban environment… The volume is completed with two essays of Christine Frisinghelli and Franz Schultheis and an interview with Pierre Bourdieu on the place and the importance of photography in his sociological work.

“Bourdieu situates his photographic work in the context of their work, anthropological and sociological. […] The photography captivating because it expressed the look distant from the researcher who records, but that, however, remains conscious of what you recorded, with your ability to set right away and at a distance family details which, in the moment of perception, pass by unnoticed or escape to a more in-depth examination”.

(Christine Frisinghelli)

Pierre Bourdieu (Denguin, 1930-Paris, 2002) is one of the sociologists, and most important thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century. Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, throughout his life stands an ideology indispensable both for social theory as for the sociology empirical. He studied Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris. Since 1955 he has been teaching, first in American and then in Algeria, Paris and Lille. The research work undertaken during his time in algeria, starting with the book, Sociologie de l’algérie (1958) are the foundation of its subsequent notoriety in the social sciences.


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