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Pierre Bourdieu: images of Algeria

World War II would mark a turning point between two ways of conceiving the world. The exaltation of power as an end in itself, and the racial hatred built to legitimize the weakest, would give way to the recognition of a universal principle of respect for the equality of all human beings.

Intellectuals of the time, linked to the sociology of French and to the theoretical currents-marxist, they are going to pay special attention to the process of decolonization, its causes and consequences, this time woven into a dialectic of time and not conditioned, as is believed, by a cultural determinism incontestable.



Technical data sheet CHANNEL-UNED:

Pierre Bourdieu: images of Algeria.

  • Television program.
  • Issue date: 27-01-2012
  • Duration: 25’ 16’
  • Involved:
    • Fernando Monge, Professor of Anthropology at the UNED;
    • Elena Hernandez, a Professor of Anthropology at the UNED;
    • Sara Sama, Professor of Anthropology at the UNED.
  • Production and realization: CEMAV