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How much do Ga state senators make?

How much do Ga state senators make?

Georgia State Senate
Length of term 2 years
Authority Article III, Georgia Constitution
Salary $17,342/year + per diem

Who are the current Georgia senators?

Raphael Warnock (Democratic Party)

Where was Joseph Rainey from?

Georgetown, SC

How old is Joseph Rainey?

55 years (1832–1887)

Has Louisiana ever had a black governor?

A Republican, Pinchback served as the 24th Governor of Louisiana from December 9, 1872, to January 13, 1873. He was one of the most prominent African-American officeholders during the Reconstruction Era.

When did Joseph Rainey die?


Who was the first colored senator?

Hiram Revels

Who is the Louisiana governor?

John Bel Edwards (Democratic Party)Since 2016

How much money does the governor of Louisiana make?

List of governors of Louisiana

Governor of Louisiana Gouverneur de la Louisiane
Formation April 30, 1812
Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana
Salary US$130,000 per year (2013)
Website Official Website

Who was the governor of Louisiana during the statehood process?

STATEHOOD/ANTEBELLUM PERIOD (1812 – 1861) Appointed by Thomas Jefferson as territorial governor; elected governor of the state in 1812. Thomas Jefferson sent Mississippi Territorial Gov. William C.C.

What are two challenges Governor Claiborne faced?

Three problems faced by Governor Claiborne after statehood were language and cultural barriers, smuggling, and the Caddo Indians. Language and cultural barriers was a problem because a newspaper had written comments and concerns about the Creoles that Claiborne had spoken.