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How do you get adamantine in ff8?

How do you get adamantine in ff8?

Adamantoise is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. The rare giant turtle lives on beaches around Dollet and on Long Horn Island, but can also be found in Ultimecia Castle on the fountain square. It has good item drops and is thus worth seeking out, though can be annoying to defeat as it resists damage and can heal itself.

How do you get Luck J scroll in ff8?

As far as the Luck-J Scroll you miss out on in that manner, just farm up another 100 Curse Spikes, turn them into a Dark Matter, and then that into a Luck-J Scroll. You can only do this late in the game, but then again the same can be said for getting Luck-J from Cactuar or a Luck-J Scroll from the Obel Lake sidequest.

How do you get elixir in ff8?

You can buy them from the Esthar Shop!!! (the exclamation points are important, this is listed as Johny’s shop in the esthar shopping center, it’s not always open, but just keep trying, once you get in you can access it from tonberry’s Call Shop ability without a hassle).

Can you buy elixir in ff7?

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Elixirs can’t be purchased or obtained from enemies.

Why is it called Phoenix Down?

Phoenix Tail), sometimes known as Fenix Down or Life, is a recurring common item in the Final Fantasy series. The “Down” refers to the down feathers of a bird, the undercoat of feathers beneath the visible layer on top. The down feathers of a Phoenix would return people from the dead as a Phoenix itself does.

Where can I buy dry ether ff1?

They can be dropped from the Tiny Mage enemy, as well as various other enemies, mainly the Mage-type monsters. They can also be bought for 50,000 gil in the final chapter in the Depths or Lunar Whale.

What is dry ether?

Hint: Diethyl ether that is completely devoid of water is known as dry ether. Ether has a tendency to absorb moisture from the environment. Distilling ether over sodium metal yields dry ether.

How many Kupo nuts do I give MOG?

five Kupo Nuts

Where can I buy Hi ether ff12?

Necrohol of Nabudis

Can you buy ethers in ff6?

Ether restores 150 MP to the target. It will be some time before any of your Characters has 150 MP to restore, but when that time comes you’ll be glad to have Ethers. They cannot be purchased, only found or won, so you’ll likely never have a large stock of them.

Where is the secret shop in Necrohol of Nabudis?

re: Secret Shop at Necrohol Nabudis. It’s in the northern part of Hall of Effulgent Light (the first screen). You’ll see that little square area there, go further in and you’ll get to a place that’s not on the map, examine a corner, when the game allows you to, and a merchant will appear.