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How do you delete a Digimon in Digimon Masters Online?

How do you delete a Digimon in Digimon Masters Online?

A: Go to tamer status screen (press T) then to the digivice tab on the top of the status window, then click on the digimon you wanna delete and a option should show to delete digimon.

How do you get more Digimon in Digimon Masters?

In Digimon Masters Online the only way to get new digimon is to obtain a Digi-Egg. These digimons are called Mercenary Digimon. Digi-Eggs can be obtained by defeating some digimons. You can check which digimons are available to hatch here.

What is the best starter Digimon?

The Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Starters

  • Palmon. Palmon is a plant attribute, data-type Digimon who can evolve into Togemon, Sunflowmon, Woodmon, Vegiemon, or Kuwagamon.
  • Terriermon.
  • Hagurumon.
  • Betamon.
  • Tentomon.
  • Gotsumon.

How do I get data from DMO?

How to Get. Though Beast DATA can not be purchased from designated Digimon Masters Online shops, it can be purchased from the DMO cash shop for either premium silk or silk. Beast DATA can also be purchased from other DMO players ranging at a variety of different prices.

Where can I farm Devil data?

  • Devil DATA. Best spot to farm this DATA is at Ogremon or Bakemon (Ogremon spot is better because it is nearby to Ogremon Raid so you can farm Chicken Combo too).
  • Fire DATA. Best spot to farm this DATA is at Meramon.

How do you open the maze in DMO?

To unlock Digimon Maze Entrance, you need Tamer level 55 on gDMO or Tamer level 60 on kDMO. You will then get the quest on your digivice from Richard Sampson, in which you are sent to Starmon in the Dark Tower Wasteland. This area is favored by most players for training Digimon from level 41-75.

Is there an online Digimon card game?

Free online competitive trading card game First published in Japanese, the Digimon Card Game is now available in English.