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How do I get to Giruvegan?

How do I get to Giruvegan?

The party must head to the ancient city of Giruvegan. To get there they must travel south from Golmor Jungle and get through the Feywoods.

What level should I be for Feywood ff12?

Level 38 is normal for a normal playthrough.

What level should I be ff12?

Around 40 – 45. With some decent equipment at that level (bought in Balfonheim or obtained elsewhere), the battle(s) in the final dungeon won’t be too difficult nor too easy, especially since you’re a first time player.

How do you activate the Feywood glyph?

When you reach one of the pavilions, select the glyph and rotate your camera with R3 while the dialog is showing (this pauses all enemies’ actions). Look out each archway until you see a mirage of a lush forest. Activate the glyph you are standing on and head in that direction, going as straight as possible.

How do you open the gate for gigas?


  1. Summon Belias, press ‘x’ near the gate.
  2. All you need to do is summon belias and stand by the gate.
  3. Well you actually have to “click” on the gate after you summon Belias as well…i stood there for like 10 seconds before I realized you have to “click” on it (sorry the word I’m looking for escapes me)

How do you open the gate in Scorpio?


  1. If you haven’t gone through the entire Crystal yet, don’t worry about it. User Info: Kingdom_Queen.
  2. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ. It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.
  3. You first must obtain the Treaty Blade, only then can you open the Scorpio Gate.

What is the lowest price of Scorpio?

Versions Ex-Showroom price Specifications
Scorpio S5 ₹ 13.37 Lakh 2179 cc, Diesel, Manual, 15 kmpl
Scorpio S7 ₹ 15.61 Lakh 2179 cc, Diesel, Manual, 15 kmpl
Scorpio S9 ₹ 16.21 Lakh 2179 cc, Diesel, Manual, 15 kmpl
Scorpio S11 ₹ 17.47 Lakh 2179 cc, Diesel, Manual, 15 kmpl

How can I open xuv500 without key?

There are several ways to do it.

  1. Break the glass.
  2. Wedge door open a crack and then use a wire hook to operate the lock button.
  3. Use a special tool to operate the lock linkage inside the car door.

How do you start a Scorpio without a key?

In order to start it without a key, one needs to bypass the ignition lock which should only be done when you lost your key. It can only be done by connecting ignition cord to the battery cord followed by touching the starter cord to the connection.

Can a car be started without the key?

If your car starts with a mechanical key, the short answer is “no.” It’s technically possible, but you would probably cause so much damage ripping things apart trying to do it that you would end up wishing you had just called a locksmith instead!