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How did the middle class life change during the Victorian era?

How did the middle class life change during the Victorian era?

During the Victorian period the middle class grew in size and importance. This sector of the middle class was mostly urban. Their sons were educated at boarding schools and universities. Another portion of the upper middle class was made of those whose success was a direct result of the Industrial Revolution.

Why were Victorians obsessed with class and placing people in social categories?

It’s a cliché but I think it’s an absolutely true one, that the Victorians were obsessed with class. They were obsessed with placing people in particular social categories. Now the reason for this was that their world was changing in absolutely extraordinary ways. There were new kinds of wealth.

What did a Victorian classroom look like?

The Victorian classroom was often referred to as the schoolroom. Victorian pupils sat at iron-framed desks. These were usually bolted to the floor in rows facing the front of the classroom.

When did we stop having servants?

The numbers of servants continued to dwindle in the 20th Century, particularly for the middle classes, and World War I and II had a profound effect.

What was the social class structure in the Victorian era?

Victorian Working class The lowest among the social hierarchy were the working class. This class remained aloof to the political progress of the country and was hostile to the other two classes. This working class was further categorised as the skilled workers and the unskilled workers.

What was the social class during the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution took the lower class before and left them without jobs, which put them in an even worse part of poverty and an even lower class that sometimes people called the “under” class and these people would be called paupers (“Victorian Era Social Classes”).

Who was the social reformer of the Victorian era?

One of the most important social reformers during the Victorian Era was Charles Dickens. Growing up in a poor, working class family, Dickens knew about the harsh realities that spawned from the social class system present.

How much did the middle class make in Victorian England?

The middle class people made about three hundred to eight hundred pounds annually. The lower middle class people made about one hundred and fifty to three hundred pound annually. The middle class during Victorian England was very powerful. The middle class was dominated by men and the masculine principle (Swisher 212).